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CelcomDigi, U Mobile to Share 100 Mobile Network Sites Across Malaysia

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In Short:

Malaysian telecom providers CelcomDigi and U Mobile have agreed to share 100 MOCN sites to boost their 4G LTE coverage across Malaysia, with each committing to 50 sites. The collaboration will enhance connectivity without major costs, leading to better customer experiences. CelcomDigi, U Mobile, and ZTE have also teamed up to showcase 5G-A technology and digital solutions for live broadcasting in Sarawak. U Mobile has signed agreements with ZTE and Huawei to enhance collaboration in 5G technology for businesses. These partnerships aim to improve network operations and deliver faster connectivity, ultimately benefiting customers in Malaysia.

CelcomDigi and U Mobile Join Forces for Better Connectivity Across Malaysia

In an exciting development for mobile users in Malaysia, industry giants CelcomDigi and U Mobile have come together to enhance mobile connectivity by sharing a total of 100 Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) sites across the country. Each party will contribute 50 sites to this collaborative effort, aimed at expanding their 4G LTE coverage.

Partnership for Enhanced Connectivity

This partnership is set to bring significant benefits to customers of both telcos, enhancing their connectivity experience without incurring hefty operational costs. Through this initiative, both CelcomDigi and U Mobile aim to improve efficiency and invest in other areas to enrich their customers’ digital experiences.

Exciting Collaborations on the Horizon

The collaboration doesn’t stop there! CelcomDigi, U Mobile, and ZTE have also inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to showcase the capabilities of 5G Advanced (5G-A) technology, AI, and digital solutions for real-time live broadcasting. This partnership will pave the way for live trials of 5G use cases in Sarawak using advanced technologies.

Stepping into the Future with 5G

On top of that, U Mobile has taken bold steps towards the future by collaborating with both ZTE and Huawei to explore 5G and 5G Advanced technology. These partnerships aim to accelerate the adoption of 5G technology for businesses and pave the way for faster speeds and improved network management.

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