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Airtel CEO urges Executives to Spend Day with Customers

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In Short:

Bharti Airtel’s CEO, Gopal Vittal, has asked employees to spend a day with customers to understand their challenges and improve service. Customer Day aims to remind executives to listen to customers and front-line staff without bias. The initiative will help Airtel make informed decisions on customer service. Airtel is the second-largest telecom operator with over 350 million subscribers and is rolling out 5G networks nationwide. Better customer service will attract new customers and retain high-paying users, leading to higher revenue. The focus is on observing, listening, and sharing insights to provide exceptional customer experience.

Gopal Vittal Encourages Airtel Executives to Connect with Customers

airtel ceo asks company executives to spend

Hey there! Exciting news coming from Bharti Airtel – their CEO and Managing Director, **Gopal Vittal**, has urged employees to step out of their comfort zones and spend Tuesday with the customers on the ground level. Yes, it’s Customer Day at Airtel, and the company executives have been instructed to celebrate the hard work of the front-line staff while engaging with customers to gain deeper insights into their needs.

The Boss’s Message

In a heartfelt internal email to the executives, **Gopal Vittal** emphasized, “Tomorrow presents a unique opportunity for you to experience firsthand the challenges faced by our front line staff and witness how they cater to our customers. Take this chance to chat with our customers and gain a better understanding of a day in the life of our store employees, engineers, and salespeople.”

The Purpose behind Customer Day

The main goal of Customer Day is to remind executives of their role in serving customers and providing them with exceptional experiences. **Gopal** advised the executives to attentively listen to both customers and front-end employees, while maintaining a respectful attitude and refraining from asking leading questions. The aim is to simply observe, listen, and later share observations through an online feedback form.

Impact on Decision Making

This initiative is expected to equip **Airtel**’s management with valuable insights for making well-informed decisions to enhance customer service. Being the second largest telecom operator with over 350 million wireless subscribers, **Airtel** is on the verge of completing the rollout of its 5G networks across the country.

By improving customer service, the telco aims to attract new customers and retain existing high-paying users, which greatly contribute to its industry-leading Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of Rs 208 (Q3 FY24).

Let’s cheer on **Airtel** as they strive for better customer connections and enhanced service delivery!

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