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AeroNet Wireless introduces 10 Gbps Internet service in Puerto Rico

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In Short:

AeroNet Wireless has launched 10 Gbps internet services in Puerto Rico to provide businesses with a strong network for the digital age. The company invested millions to expand their network and offer the fastest internet plan on the island. AeroNet is the only hybrid provider in Puerto Rico offering fiber optic and microwave services, with DNA redundancy to guarantee uninterrupted connectivity.

AeroNet Wireless Launches 10 Gbps Service in Puerto Rico
Broadband Internet service provider (ISP) AeroNet Wireless announced the launch of its 10 Gbps internet services in Puerto Rico. This service aims to ensure businesses in Puerto Rico have access to a robust network capable of meeting the challenges of the digital age, the company said in an announcement at the launch of the service today.

10 Gbps Internet Services

“We have invested millions to expand and strengthen our network, demonstrating our commitment to launching Puerto Rico to the next level of connectivity and Internet services. Our new 10 Gbps plan is the first of its kind on the island, and we are confident that it will position AeroNet and Puerto Rico’s telecommunications industry as a force to be reckoned with nationwide,” said AeroNet at an event held in San Juan.

Hybrid Connectivity

The company explained that its AeroFiber 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps) service is 100 times faster than conventional internet connections. “AeroNet is the only hybrid provider in Puerto Rico that offers the service through fiber optic and microwave. The service is available throughout the island, including Vieques and Culebra,” the company added.

DNA Redundancy Service

AeroNet is a business ISP operating in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands (USVI), and South Florida. The company offers DNA (Dual Network Access) redundancy service in Puerto Rico, a system that uses two independent and dedicated internet connections using fiber and microwave.

According to the company, DNA provides a dual dedicated internet connection that guarantees uninterrupted connectivity, reducing the risk of being disconnected in the event of an incident.

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