Telefonica Certifies NETSCOUT for UNICA SDN/NFV Architecture

June 3, 2018

NETSCOUT Systems, a leading provider of service assurance, security, and business analytics, announced today that Telefonica has certified its virtualized solutions vSCOUT and vSTREAM for deployment with their UNICA Lab architecture that supports future networks based on network function virtualization and software-defined networking (NFV/SDN) technologies.

NETSCOUT successfully completed a set of defined tests that demonstrated pervasive visibility across physical, virtual and cloud networks as well as interoperability with other virtual network functions (VNFs) on the UNICA platform.

“NETSCOUT is one of the first network and application management vendors certified by Telefonica’s UNICA Lab. Throughout the extensive testing process, NETSCOUT demonstrated the ability to run their virtualized solution inside UNICA’s architecture. Now, with their new virtualized solutions, they are able to deliver the same visibility and control across hybrid environments in a unified way,” said Antonio Elizondo, Head of Network Virtualization Strategy and Technology in Telefonica, responsible for UNICA VNF Certification program.

“Telefónica has one of the industry’s most ambitious and forward-looking visions for future networks based on SDN/NFV technologies. Their UNICA architecture provides a roadmap to the future, and NETSCOUT has aggressively taken the necessary steps to be there with them, delivering unmatched visibility into the hybrid cloud environment,” said Bruce Kelley, senior vice president, chief technology officer, Service Provider, NETSCOUT. “NETSCOUT’s robust smart data technology delivers a pervasive troubleshooting and performance platform that Telefónica can use across all its new NFV domains, as well as future systems, such as 5G.”

vSCOUT and vSTREAM offer pervasive visibility with software-based instrumentation of traffic flows and application workloads in data center and hybrid cloud environments. As the foundation for end-to-end service assurance, including application-and network- assurance, these tools give Telefonica unprecedented visibility and control of hybrid cloud environments.

NETSCOUT supports VMware and OpenStack + KVM private cloud, as well as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure public cloud environments, providing visibility to critical network data that is lost when key network functions and services are virtualized. Administrators can use the full suite of OpenStack and VMware administrative tools to orchestrate the NETSCOUT virtual probes and the virtualized network functions and application services monitored by them.

About Telefónica

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