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Trai tightens reporting norms for mobile towers, aims to enhance service quality

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In Short:

The telecom regulator in India has strengthened reporting rules for base stations and mobile towers to improve the quality of service and address call drop issues. Operators now have to provide detailed information like site location, frequency, connectivity, technology used, and commissioning time within 21 days of each quarter. The data submission has now been moved from a telecom circle level to a district or town level.

Telecom Regulator Introduces Stricter Reporting Rules for Operators

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has enhanced reporting requirements for telecom operators regarding base stations or mobile towers. The new rules mandate operators to provide detailed information including site location, radiating frequency, backhaul connectivity, technology used (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), and time of commissioning of a site. Trai aims to improve the quality of service (QoS) and address call drop issues.

Key Changes in Reporting Requirements

Operators must now provide specific details of a site in a district, town, or village as per the local government directory, within 21 days of each quarter end. Previously, data was submitted at a telecom circle level.

The new directive also requires operators to disclose the date of commissioning of a base station, backhaul connectivity type, and details of 5G base stations and cells. This information is crucial for assessing QoS.

Importance of Backhaul Connectivity

Trai emphasizes the significance of backhaul connectivity in determining service quality. Details of the connectivity type (fibre, wireless, etc.) for each base station are essential to evaluate its impact on QoS.

The regulator also highlights the need for information on 5G base stations and cells due to the increasing deployment of 5G sites and services.

Enhancing Call Drop Analysis

Trai aims to rectify the high drop call rates (DCR) by ensuring accurate reporting. It requires operators to provide details of base station commissioning and decommissioning dates for correct DCR analysis.

Compliance and Guidelines

Operators must adhere to Trai’s guidelines and format while submitting the required details. The data should cover all base stations/cells in a Licensed Service Area (LSA) and follow specific criteria provided by Trai

Improving QoS remains a top priority for Trai in light of increasing call drop incidents. Stricter regulations are necessary to address these issues. By capturing data at the district level, operators can be held accountable for network outages.

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