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TRAI’s Recommendations on Telecom Infrastructure, Spectrum Sharing & Leasing

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In Short:

TRAI made recommendations for sharing telecom infrastructure and spectrum. DoT requested these recommendations to promote resource sharing among operators. TRAI also considered allowing inter-band spectrum sharing and spectrum leasing. TRAI issued a paper for stakeholder feedback and finalized recommendations based on comments. Recommendations include sharing passive and active infrastructure among service providers, ensuring non-discriminatory sharing of infrastructure laid under USOF projects, and permitting roaming in remote areas. TRAI also proposed inter-band access spectrum sharing and ASA technique-based spectrum sharing. These recommendations aim to improve cost efficiency, time to market, and extend telecom coverage in underserved areas.

TRAI Issues Recommendations on Telecommunication Infrastructure Sharing, Spectrum Sharing, and Spectrum Leasing

Hey there, exciting news from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)! They have recently issued recommendations on telecommunication infrastructure sharing, spectrum sharing, and spectrum leasing.


The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) had requested TRAI to provide recommendations on allowing sharing of core network elements like mobile switching centres (MSC) and home location registers (HLR) among telecom operators. Subsequently, DoT informed TRAI about the proposal to allow sharing of telecom infrastructure and network elements among all categories of service providers licensed under the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885.

Stakeholders’ Consultation

Considering stakeholders’ request to permit inter-band spectrum sharing and leasing, TRAI decided to address these issues in a stakeholders’ consultation. They issued a consultation paper on January 13, 2023, seeking comments and counter comments from stakeholders.

Key Recommendations

  • Passive Infrastructure Sharing: TSPs should be allowed to share passive infrastructure like buildings, towers, and electrical equipment with other service providers.
  • Active Infrastructure Sharing: TSPs can also share active infrastructure elements with other service providers based on the scope of their services.
  • USOF Projects: Provision for sharing passive infrastructure in USOF projects and mandated roaming in remote areas.
  • Inter-band Spectrum Sharing: Permission for inter-band access spectrum sharing among service providers.
  • ASA Technique-Based Spectrum Sharing: Exploration of spectrum sharing using ASA technique in globally harmonized spectrum bands.
  • Field Trials: Conducting field trials for ASA technique-based spectrum sharing under DoT supervision.
  • Leasing of Access Spectrum: Permitting leasing of access spectrum among service providers.


Implementation of these recommendations will lead to greater cost efficiencies, improved time to market for TSPs, and extended telecommunication coverage in underserved areas. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

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