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Government directs blocking of international spoofed calls displaying Indian mobile numbers

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In Short:

The government told telecom companies to stop international calls that look like they’re from Indian numbers. Scammers use these calls to cheat people in India. They pretend to be Indian but actually call from abroad and trick people into scams. Some scams include fake arrests, FedEx scams, drugs in courier, and fake calls from government or police. The government and telecom companies made a system to stop these calls. They also made a portal to protect people using phones. It is important to be cautious of these fake calls and be aware of scams.

Government Cracks Down on International Spoofed Calls

Have you ever received an international call showing an Indian number, only to realize it’s a scam? Well, you’re not alone. Fraudsters have been using this tactic to deceive Indian citizens and carry out cyber-crime and financial frauds.

Crackdown on Cyber-Criminals

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has taken action to tackle this issue. They have directed **telecom service providers (TSPs)** to block incoming international spoofed calls that display Indian mobile numbers.

These scammers manipulate the caller ID to make it seem like the calls are originating from India, when in reality, they are calling from abroad. These deceptive calls have been misused in various scams, ranging from fake arrests to impersonation of government officials.

Protecting Telecom Users

DoT and TSPs have collaborated to develop a system that identifies and blocks these fraudulent calls from reaching Indian telecom subscribers. Additionally, TSPs have been given directives to prevent such calls from connecting.

Furthermore, DoT has launched initiatives like the Sanchar Saathi portal to enhance user protection and security in the telecom sector.

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