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Yotta Data Services CEO claims lowest global AI compute rates

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In Short:

Yotta Data Services plans to offer AI compute capacity at competitive prices, claiming to be the cheapest in the world. The company’s partnership with NVIDIA allows it to offer GPU access to global enterprises. Yotta’s special economic zone location helps reduce costs, and it aims to achieve breakeven within 2-3 years on its $1 billion investment. The company is also part of the Nvidia Partner Network and offers the Shakti Cloud platform for sovereign AI cloud services.

Yotta Data Services to Offer AI Compute Capacity at Competitive Pricing

Yotta Data Services is all set to provide artificial intelligence (AI) compute capacity to startups, large IT companies, the Indian government, and foreign enterprises at competitive pricing. The company claims that its rates could be the cheapest in the world.

According to Sunil Gupta, CEO of Yotta Data Services, “GPU usage rates among global hyperscalers today range up to $9-$12 per GPU hour. With our unique market position, we aim to offer these at rates as low as $1.8 per GPU hour for multi-year contracts compared to $5 per GPU hour for short-term use.”

Strategic Partnerships and Offering

Gupta mentioned that Yotta is one of the priority partners of NVIDIA, a global AI superchip-maker. This partnership enables Yotta to offer GPU access to global enterprises, especially during the current global GPU supply constraints.

Yotta operates in special economic zones with zero taxation and import duties on AI hardware, which further reduces costs. The company’s power supply comes from its group company, H-Energy, lowering energy sourcing costs.

Growth Strategy and Expansion Plans

Yotta plans to scale up quickly by offering low subscription rates through its AI compute infrastructure, comprised of GPU hardware and software stack. Despite a payback period increase, Gupta expects Yotta to break even within 2-3 years on its $1 billion investment in the NVIDIA GPU deal.

The company, being a part of the Nvidia Partner Network, offers its AI cloud platform called the Shakti Cloud. Yotta imports GPUs, including NVIDIA H100s and L40S, and plans to import more powerful chips in the future.

Financial Discussions and Customer Interest

Yotta is in talks with private equity investors and banks for equity or debt financing to fulfill orders. The company has seen interest from AI startups like Ola’s Krutrim and Sarvam AI, as well as customers in Europe and the Middle East.

Yotta will also participate in the Centre’s AI Mission, where the government will procure compute capacity from the company for R&D facilities, startups, and academic institutions through a marketplace funded with Rs 10,000 crore.

(The reporter is covering the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose at the invitation of NVIDIA Corporation.)

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