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Entel Chile Launches 5G in Antarctica

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In Short:

Chilean Operator Entel has activated the first 5G connection in Antarctica at Villa Las Estrellas, benefiting residents and visitors at the President Eduardo Frei Montalva base. The settlement includes essential services like a bank, post office, library, church, and hospital. Entel aims to enhance connectivity across Antarctica with its commitment to deliver the best technology. The deployment includes 3G and 4G modernization with an investment of USD 345,000.

Entel Chile Brings 5G Connectivity to Antarctica
Chilean Operator Entel has made a significant announcement this week by activating the first 5G connection in Antarctica. This development will benefit 191 residents of Villa Las Estrellas, as well as visitors to the settlement located at the President Eduardo Frei Montalva base on King George Island.

Benefits for Villa Las Estrellas

Entel revealed that Villa Las Estrellas, apart from military and research personnel, also houses essential facilities such as a bank, post office, library, church, and hospital. With the deployment of the 5G network, everyone in the settlement will now be able to enjoy enhanced connectivity. Entel has been providing mobile phone services at the base since 1997, starting with 2G services in 2005.

“Bringing 5G to Antarctica posed a significant technical challenge, and we are thrilled to pioneer the delivery of a public 5G network in such a remote location. In today’s world, where connectivity plays a crucial role in people’s lives, especially in isolated regions, we take pride in this accomplishment,” stated Entel.

Entel also expressed hopes that this milestone will lead to improved connectivity across Antarctica, benefiting the community and supporting scientific activities in the region.

Enhancing Connectivity Across Antarctica

As part of its commitment to technological advancement, Entel reported that 315 communes from Putre to Antarctica, including Rapa Nui, now have access to 5G connectivity. With this latest deployment, the entire territory, from end to end, is now connected to 5G technology.

The company’s investment of approximately USD 345,000 in modernising the base with 3G and 4G technology has significantly improved the network’s capacity and user experience. Despite experiencing 28 percent of average antenna traffic during testing, it is worth noting that internet connection in Antarctica relies on satellite technology, which has limited capacity compared to optical fiber.

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