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Viavi’s New UTC Timing Services are GNSS-Independent

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In Short:

Viavi Solutions has introduced altGNSS GEO SecureTime services, providing nanosecond-accurate timing through satellite signals to protect critical infrastructure like 5G networks, transportation, and military communications. These services are resistant to jamming and spoofing, with global coverage and tested in battlefield scenarios. The company plans to integrate them into products and offer receivers for third-party systems, ensuring reliable timing in all situations.

Viavi Launches Fully GNSS-Independent UTC Timing Services
Viavi Solutions has launched its altGNSS GEO SecureTime services, offering nanosecond-accurate UTC timing via L-Band and Ku-Band satellite signals. These services are designed to enhance the resilience of critical infrastructure, including 5G networks, transportation, data centres, smart grids, high-frequency trading, military and first responder communications, and satellite terminals.

SecureTime Services

Operating independently of traditional GPS and GNSS, the altGNSS GEO service boasts a high resistance to jamming and spoofing, providing the broadest global coverage, Viavi said on Thursday. SecureTime includes Navigation Message Authentication (NMA), using encryption to detect spoofing in signals from all sources, including GPS.

Field Testing and Proven Performance

Viavi says its SecureTime services have been tested and proven effective in live-sky battlefield scenarios, successfully providing assured PNT in environments with complete denial of GPS and GNSS services. The company plans to integrate these services into its products and offer receivers for third-party systems.

The SecurePNT 6200 hardware platform, powered by Viavi’s SecureTime Services and TrustedPNT multisource fusion technology, will support these new capabilities.

“Critical infrastructure around the globe is increasingly susceptible to PNT disruption, but that is even more apparent in theatres of war,” said Doug Russell, Senior Vice President, AvComm, Viavi. “Our SecureTime services have steadily built up an unsurpassed capability to protect timing in critical networks, independent of any one source or frequency band.”

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