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Viasat and Azercosmos Collaborate to Enhance Satellite Connectivity in Azerbaijan

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In Short:

Viasat is teaming up with Azercosmos to bring satellite services to Azerbaijan and beyond, focusing on industrial applications in remote locations. The collaboration aims to support energy, utilities, and transport industries in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Central and South Asia. Azercosmos provides various telecommunications services and this partnership will expand their connectivity offerings. Viasat’s acquisition of Inmarsat in 2023 further strengthens their global communications capabilities.

Viasat and Azercosmos Partner to Expand Satellite Connectivity in Azerbaijan
Satellite communications company Viasat is collaborating with Azerbaijan’s satellite operator Azercosmos to extend its L-band satellite services to Azerbaijan and beyond. This partnership aims to provide connectivity for various industrial applications, allowing organizations to operate more efficiently, sustainably, and safely, even in remote locations.

Industrial Applications

This initiative will support applications such as tracking and telemetry for advanced transport systems, pipeline monitoring for energy companies, real-time control for utilities, and environmental and safety monitoring for mining and agriculture.

Azercosmos Services

Azercosmos offers a range of telecommunications, remote sensing, surveying, and ground station communication services to the public and private sectors. The collaboration with Viasat will expand its connectivity offerings, allowing it to deliver more services to existing and new customers in addition to its current satellite fleet.

Azercosmos stated, “The agility in the satellite service market is crucial for us, and we strive to enhance our reliable service to consumers and businesses globally. This significant agreement with our strategic partner, Viasat, will strengthen our partnership in unlocking endless connectivity possibilities in EMEA and Asia.”

Viasat’s Acquisition of Inmarsat

In May 2023, Viasat finalized its acquisition of Inmarsat, merging the teams, technologies, and resources of both companies to establish a new global communications entity, as reported by TelecomTalk.

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