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CEO discusses latest news and trends in telecom industry

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In Short:

Nutanix, a hybrid multicloud computing company, expects rapid growth in India, surpassing global metrics by 2027. CEO Ramaswami highlights India’s role in innovation and plans to hire more in Bengaluru and Pune. The company sees Indian market success due to early adoption of modern applications like Kubernetes. India’s talent pool and innovation in sectors like banking make it a key focus area for Nutanix’s investments in engineering and go-to-market functions.

Nutanix Expects Growth in India to Outpace Global Metrics

Hybrid multicloud computing company Nutanix is experiencing rapid growth in India, surpassing its projected global Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and profitability metrics. CEO Rajiv Ramaswami shared this insight during an exclusive interaction at the company’s annual .NEXT conference.

India Outpacing Global Growth

Ramaswami highlighted that India is expected to grow at a faster rate than the global projections. The company has a significant presence in India, with a substantial portion of its innovation and development activities happening in Bengaluru and Pune. Nutanix is actively hiring in these locations to support its growth.

Success in India Market

Ramaswami emphasized that India is one of Nutanix’s most successful markets, witnessing rapid growth in line with global trends. The company’s leadership in hyper-converged infrastructure has led to increased adoption, with customers also leveraging its solutions in the public cloud.

Focus on Innovation and Talent

Despite being early adopters of technologies like Kubernetes, Ramaswami noted that AI adoption in India is still in the early stages. However, he praised India’s talent pool for software development, highlighting the country’s potential for rapid transformation and application development.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Nutanix views India as a key market in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region, with a strong focus on sectors like financial services, retail, and telecommunications. The company is committed to expanding its engineering, product management, and go-to-market functions in India.

Investment in India

The company’s leadership, including Aaron White, reiterated their commitment to investing in India across various functions. With the country witnessing a digital revolution in payments and banking, Nutanix sees a growing need for a robust ecosystem to support these services.

(The reporter is at the .NEXT 2024 event in Barcelona at the invitation of Nutanix)

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