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Verizon Enhances Customer Experience with AI Tools

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In Short:

Verizon has introduced new GenAI tools to improve customer experience, including a Personal Research Assistant for employees to better assist customers. The company also rolled out a Fast Pass to resolution feature and proactive personalisation named “Segment of Me” to tailor experiences. Verizon stated that AI has improved customer satisfaction and engagement, showcasing their commitment to exceeding expectations and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Verizon Launches AI Tools to Transform Customer Experience

American telecommunications company Verizon has introduced a suite of GenAI tools designed to enhance the customer experience. “In recent months, Verizon has been developing – and deploying – industry-leading, human-assisted GenAI applications to simplify experiences and help make every interaction a positive one,” Verizon stated in an official release this week.

Enhanced Customer Support

Verizon’s latest offerings include a Personal Research Assistant, which provides frontline teams with quick access to information. With this tool, employees are now able to address nearly all (95 percent) of customer inquiries, Verizon revealed. Additionally, Verizon introduced a “Fast Pass” to resolution feature, connecting customers with specialized representatives to expedite problem-solving.

Streamlined Transactions

Proactive Personalisation

Through AI-driven personalization, Verizon aims to deliver a tailored experience to each customer, known as “Segment of Me.”

“From new plans, product offers, service upgrades, and more, AI is accurately and proactively identifying what a customer may be looking for and enabling agile, consistent experiences no matter where they shop,” Verizon explained, highlighting that this proactive approach has not only increased customer engagement but also significantly reduced churn rates.

“We connect roughly 99 percent of the population, and they count on us to handle everything from making calls and sending texts to purchasing new tech, billing questions, or checking out new products in our stores. We understand that every interaction is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. AI is helping us not just meet expectations but exceed them by showing our customers we’ve got their back at every turn,” Verizon emphasized.

Meaningful Impact

Verizon shared that teams are already witnessing significant increases in customer satisfaction and improved engagement across all sales and service channels, addressing pain points, delivering signature experiences, establishing digital channels, and promoting simplicity and transparency across all touchpoints.

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