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Understanding Jio AirFiber: A Comprehensive Guide

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In Short:

Reliance Jio has introduced AirFiber service in numerous cities in India, utilizing 5G network technology to provide high-speed broadband wirelessly. While the service offers fast speeds, many are unsure of what it includes. With Jio AirFiber, users get free installation with annual plans, an outdoor unit connecting to the network, a Wi-Fi router, and a free 4G TV STB for streaming content.

jio airfiber everything you get explained now

Reliance Jio’s AirFiber service is now available in numerous cities across India. This service, based on fixed-wireless access, utilizes Jio’s own 5G network slice to deliver high-speed broadband wirelessly. Despite offering impressive speeds, many are unclear about what exactly Jio AirFiber includes. We aim to clarify that for you here.

Jio AirFiber Plans

For detailed information on Jio AirFiber plans, you can refer to our previous coverage. The plans are competitively priced in comparison to JioFiber offerings.

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Let’s delve into what a new connection entails.

Jio AirFiber Connection: What Will You Get?

With a Jio AirFiber connection, you receive four key components. Firstly, opting for an annual plan waives the installation fee. However, short-term plans incur a Rs 1000 installation charge.

An outdoor unit is installed on a fixed wall spot, connecting to the 5G network and supplying data to the Wi-Fi router inside your home. Additionally, a complimentary 4G TV Set-Top Box (STB) is included, offering IPTV services through the JioTV+ app and other OTT platforms for content streaming.

While similar to a JioFiber setup, the Jio AirFiber includes an outdoor unit. If JioFiber is available in your area, it is the recommended choice over Jio AirFiber.

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