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Ucom begins upgrading and expanding network for 5G readiness in Armenia

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In Short:

Armenian operator Ucom is upgrading its network to improve coverage and prepare for 5G services. They are modernizing their radio access network with Nokia equipment, enhancing coverage in regional areas and extending LTE technology. Ucom aims to support all mobile technologies and transition seamlessly to 5G in the future. Additionally, Ucom is expanding fixed communication services in cities like Ashtarak, offering internet, television, and telephone connections.

<b>Ucom</b> Starts Network Modernisation for 5G Readiness in Regions of Armenia” width=”1200″ height=”800″><br />Armenian operator <b>Ucom</b> has announced the commencement of network modernisation efforts to improve coverage and enhance the end-user experience of its existing 4G+ network. The initiative also includes the upgrading and expansion of the mobile network in preparation for the launch of 5G-Ready services.</p>
<h2><b>Ucom</b>‘s Network Modernisation Initiative</h2>
<p><strong>TelecomTalk</strong> reported in February that <b>Ucom</b> has entered into an agreement with Nokia to upgrade its nationwide radio access network (RAN) to enhance performance and prepare for the launch of 5G services in Armenia. The upgrade will also cover the core and IP network infrastructure for both fixed and mobile networks.</p>
<p><b>Ucom</b> disclosed on Tuesday that it has received the first batch of radio modules from Nokia this year. These modules will be used to modernise regional sites, improve coverage in those areas, and extend LTE technology.</p>
<h2>Next-Generation Connectivity</h2>
<p><b>Ucom</b> mentioned that the baseband and radio modules are capable of supporting all known mobile technologies concurrently, including 3G/4G+. They will also enable a seamless transition to 5G in the future through software reconfiguration.</p>
<p>“Expanding and modernising our regional networks is one of <b>Ucom</b>‘s primary goals, along with preparing our equipment to support 5G technology. This is the first step we are taking with our partners at Nokia, and our subscribers will soon experience improved services,” stated <b>Ucom</b>.</p>
<p><b>Ucom</b> aims to modernise and expand its mobile network to prepare for the transition to 5G across Armenia.</p>
<h2>Expansion of Fixed Network Services</h2>
<p>In a separate development in February, <b>Ucom</b> extended its fixed communication services to the city of Ashtarak as part of its fixed network expansion strategy. Residents of Ashtarak now have access to fixed-line internet, television, and telephone connections, in addition to mobile services.</p>
<p>As part of its fixed network expansion, <b>Ucom</b> has installed networks in four new cities over the past year, including Ijevan, Goris, Gavar, and Sevan.</p>
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