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Telkomsel launches new 5G Smart Warehouse & Innovation Center in Indonesia

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In Short:

Telkomsel, an Indonesian telecom provider, partnered with Huawei to open a 5G Smart Warehouse and Innovation Center in West Java. The facility is the first of its kind in Indonesia, showcasing how 5G technology can boost warehouse efficiency and create new opportunities in the logistics industry. The warehouse uses IoT and big data analytics to streamline operations, increase safety, and reduce energy consumption. It aims to support the country’s digital economy goals for 2045.

Telkomsel Inaugurates 5G Smart Warehouse and Innovation Center in Indonesia
Indonesian telecommunications provider Telkomsel has officially opened a 5G Smart Warehouse and Innovation Center in Bekasi Regency, West Java, in partnership with Huawei, marking a significant milestone as the first of its kind in Indonesia. The facility is designed to demonstrate the potential of 5G technology in revolutionizing warehouse management, enhancing operational efficiency, and creating new opportunities in the logistics industry.

5G Smart Warehouse

In a statement regarding the inauguration, Telkomsel expressed optimism about the impact of the deployment of the 5G Smart Warehouse and the solutions offered by the 5G Innovation Center on the logistics sector. The company believes this initiative will usher in a new era by improving managerial skills and increasing warehouse operational efficiency.

Benefits of the 5G Smart Warehouse

Telkomsel highlighted that the 5G Smart Warehouse utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and big data analytics to streamline processes, enhance safety and security, improve efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and potential losses. The implementation of digital twins and real-time data analysis enables better inventory management and helps prevent stockouts.

The company stated, “The 5G network enables seamless and accurate communication between staff and autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), facilitating efficient movement of goods. Furthermore, intelligent security systems equipped with video and infrared sensors ensure warehouse safety.”

Sustainable Solution

Moreover, the 5G BTS technology powering the warehouse operates on only 5 Watts, equivalent to a single energy-efficient light bulb, showcasing its sustainability for the future.

Telkomsel emphasized that this technological advancement aligns with its commitment to modernize warehouse management in support of the digital economy and the Golden Indonesia Vision 2045.

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