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Orange Poland Introduces SOS Band for Safety and Health Monitoring

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In Short:

Orange Poland has introduced an SOS band connected to the 4G LTE Network for safety and health monitoring. The band includes features like remote vital sign measurements and a fall sensor. Customers can choose between standard and premium options, with the premium option offering telecare services and connections to Emergency Medical Center. The band can be purchased in stores and online with a complimentary 3-month service for Orange customers.

Orange Poland Launches SOS Band for Enhanced Safety and Health Monitoring
Orange Poland (Polska) has launched an SOS band connected to the 4G LTE Network, positioning itself as the sole operator providing such a product in the Polish market. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure the safety and health monitoring of individuals in need of constant care, offering telecare services for their support.

Safety Technology

Orange is providing a comprehensive product, comprising an SOS (emergency) band with a SIM card and associated service through mobile applications. Through the application, the caregiver can supervise the individual’s status, monitor health parameters, and access additional functionalities. This SOS band, developed to meet Orange’s specifications, has successfully undergone Orange Labs certification.

The SOS bands are available for purchase at all Orange Polska outlets and online. Additionally, select stores offer the opportunity to test the device before acquisition. Orange Poland describes the SOS Band as a discreet accessory that significantly enhances the safety of the users. Equipped with an SOS button, the band alerts the guardian in case of emergencies, thanks to its fall sensor.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring

Besides emergency functionalities, the band facilitates remote monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and saturation. It also includes features like setting safety zones, GPS-based location tracking, making calls using the SIM card within the band, and more.

Premium Telecare Services

Orange offers two service options: standard and premium. The premium package includes telecare services connecting individuals to the Emergency Medical Center, staffed by paramedics 24/7 to offer assistance and additional features. Alternatively, the standard option allows customers to establish one safety zone with location and health data history accessible for 90 days.

The premium subscription is priced at PLN 72, while the standard version costs PLN 22. Initially, Orange customers receive the first 3 months of service free of charge. The band can be purchased through monthly installments of PLN 27 for 2 years.

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