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Streaming services choose weekly releases to keep users engaged

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In Short:

Traditional streaming model of binge-watching entire seasons is changing. Some platforms now release episodes at specific times and days. Netflix, Disney+, SonyLIV, and TVF are adopting this approach. The ‘TV+’ model aims to retain subscribers and spark conversations. Shows with 50-100 episodes bridge traditional TV with OTT platforms. Experts believe this strategy helps in maintaining subscriptions and keeping viewers engaged.

The Changing Landscape of Streaming Platforms

Remember the days of binge-watching an entire season of your favorite show in one sitting? Well, it seems like some streaming platforms are shaking things up with a more structured approach now. They are experimenting with scheduled releases for episodes, setting specific times and days for viewers to tune in.

New Release Strategies by Top Platforms

Netflix is all set to launch Kapil Sharma’s comedy show every Saturday, SonyLIV has adopted this format for its original series Raisinghani vs Raisinghani, and Disney+ Hotstar has introduced weekly releases for shows like Criminal Justice Season 3, Aakhri Sach, and Lootere. The Viral Fever’s latest show, Very Parivarik, will also be following a weekly release pattern on its YouTube channel.

Industry Insights and Strategies

Experts in the media and entertainment industry believe that this new approach aims to keep viewers engaged and coming back to the platform regularly, especially at a time when growth in paid memberships has slowed down. This method, often referred to as ‘TV+’, not only promotes ongoing cultural discussions but also proves effective for non-fiction content.

Streaming platforms are now focusing on producing series with a higher number of episodes, ranging from 50 to 100, to bridge the gap between traditional TV and over-the-top (OTT) platforms. The idea is to offer a blend of traditional TV scheduling with the convenience of on-demand viewing, catering to a wider audience.

Feedback from Key Players

Gaurav Banerjee, head of content at Disney+ Hotstar and HSM entertainment network, shared, “Our tailored release strategies for shows in different languages have shown promising results in increasing the longevity of titles. It’s an exciting experiment that has been well-received by our audience.”

Saugata Mukherjee, head of content at SonyLIV, highlighted the appeal of family-friendly content that resonates with viewers’ preferences for traditional TV-like storytelling. This trend is gaining momentum as platforms adapt to changing viewer behaviors.

Future of Streaming Platforms

The shift towards scheduled episode releases is part of a larger strategy to retain subscribers and maintain platform loyalty. By sparking conversations and engagement through periodic episode drops, streaming services are aiming to create a lasting impact on their audience.

Nikhil Taneja, co-founder of youth media start-up Yuvaa, emphasized the importance of structured releases, stating, “These shows spark week-long conversations and give you an opportunity to grow. It’s a strategic move that benefits both creators and viewers in the long run.”

As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, viewers can expect a mix of traditional TV elements and innovative release strategies that cater to diverse viewing preferences.

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