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S&P Global predicts 11% rise in steel demand by FY25 despite Lok Sabha election outcome due to infrastructure spending

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In Short:

India’s steel demand will remain high for the next decade due to infrastructure investments. Spending on infrastructure is expected to increase by 11% annually until fiscal year 2024-2025. Policy support for the steel industry is likely to continue, benefiting from Prime Minister Modi’s Make in India program. Despite elections, India aims to boost infrastructure, manufacturing, and clean energy plans by securing mineral resources like lithium.

India’s Steel Demand Expected to Remain Strong

Exciting news alert! India is all set to witness robust domestic steel demand for the next 10 years, thanks to massive infrastructure investments in the pipeline. Regardless of the ongoing high-stakes Lok Sabha election results, the spending on infrastructure is expected to increase by a whopping 11% year-on-year in the fiscal year 2024-2025. Get ready for a steel revolution, folks!

Bright Outlook for Steel Demand

According to a report by S&P Global Commodity Insights, the future looks bright for India’s steel demand. Brace yourselves as major steel producers are embarking on massive expansion plans to meet the soaring demand. It’s going to be a steel bonanza!

Confident Steel Market for the Long Haul

Sources have spilled the beans that the demand for steel in India will remain at peak levels for the next decade. Lead by Paul Bartholomew, Commodity Insights Metals Analytics, it is predicted that India will continue to support the domestic steel industry, ensuring a bright future for the sector. It’s a steel party that’s just getting started!

Steady Growth Amidst Political Changes

Even with potential governmental transitions on the horizon, the steel market seems to be in a comfortable position for the long run. Despite minor policy adjustments in the near term, India’s focus on infrastructure, manufacturing, and construction will keep the steel demand soaring. It’s a steel-palooza out there!

Iron and Coking Coal Demand on the Rise

The iron and coking coal demand in India is set to skyrocket in the upcoming years. With significant expansions in domestic mills and a push towards reaching 300 million mt of steel production capacity, India is all geared up for a coking coal frenzy. Get ready to witness the steel industry’s growth at its peak!

Embracing Cleaner Energy with Lithium

As part of its clean energy ambitions, India is making strategic moves to secure vital resources like lithium. Seen as a critical mineral in the energy transition journey, India is all set to boost its downstream green energy industries. It’s a green revolution in the making!

Exciting Times Ahead for India’s Steel Industry

As the dust settles post-elections, India’s steel industry is poised for a remarkable journey ahead. With a focus on bolstering its critical mineral supply chain and driving economic growth through capital spending, India is set to shine bright in the global metals and minerals sector. Get ready for a steel-tastic future!

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