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Global Fiber Peru provides FTTH to 400 communities in the Amazon

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In Short:

Global Fiber Peru, in collaboration with Nokia, has deployed a subaquatic fiber network in the Amazon rainforest, connecting over 400 communities and providing multi-gigabit internet access to more than 500,000 users. The network spans three countries – Peru, Colombia, and Brazil – and aims to bridge the digital divide in remote regions. The project is a significant achievement in connecting previously inaccessible areas in the Amazon.

Global Fiber Peru Brings FTTH to 400 Amazon Communities
Global Fiber Peru has successfully deployed a subaquatic optical, IP, and XGS-PON fiber broadband network in the Amazon rainforest through a partnership with Nokia. This initiative has connected over 400 communities, serving more than 500,000 users with high-speed internet access, contributing to reducing the digital divide in this remote area.

Global Fiber Peru

Established in 2015, Global Fiber Peru, a subsidiary of the Satelital Group, manages a comprehensive fiber optic network across Peru, with a focus on 180 provincial capitals. The recently implemented network, submerged in the Amazon River, links users in the core of the Amazon’s three-border region, where Peru, Colombia, and Brazil converge.

Regional Connectivity

The Nokia subaquatic optical backbone connects various locations including Iquitos and Santa Rosa de Yaravi (Peru), Leticia (Colombia), and Tabatinga (Brazil), enabling Global Fiber Peru to offer FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) broadband access in the region, along with multi-gigabit services for businesses.

The region, known for its diverse economy encompassing oil production, agriculture, timber extraction, fishing, tourism, and cross-border trade, is set to benefit from this connectivity, as highlighted by Global Fiber Peru.

Collaboration with FYCO

This deployment was carried out in partnership with FYCO, a local expert in fiber telecom networks in Latin America. The collaboration also involves enhancing the customer’s existing fiber networks in Lima, Cusco, and Huancayo.

Grupo Satelital stated: “With the dedication of our R&D team, we completed the initial phase of this project two years ago, linking the district of Yurimaguas to the municipality of Iquitos via the Amazon River. Subsequently, in collaboration with Nokia, we finalized the second phase of this subaquatic network from Iquitos.”

Global Fiber expressed: “We are delighted and honored to be the pioneer in successfully establishing an optical fiber network under the Amazon River, connecting three countries. This accomplishment fills a significant digital void in remote regions that were previously inaccessible through traditional means.”

This project marks a significant milestone by bringing fiber connections for the first time to hundreds of communities situated in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, as highlighted in the official announcement.

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