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Robi to Increase 4G Data Speeds by 130% in 2023

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In Short:

Robi has upgraded its network to the Enhanced 4.5G Supernet, including deploying L2600 spectrum to improve data services for customers. AI-based software and machine learning tools have been used to optimize traffic loads and enhance customer experiences. This network optimization has significantly reduced the call drop rate to 0.3 percent, surpassing the telecom regulator’s benchmark. Robi aims to support the Smart Bangladesh vision and provide a seamless digital lifestyle.

Enhanced 4.5G Supernet

Robi has enhanced its 4.5G Supernet by deploying the L2600 spectrum to optimize network capacity in high-traffic areas. This optimization has led to improved data services for customers, as confirmed by the telco.

In addition to spectrum deployment, Robi has introduced AI-based software and machine learning tools to make the network more intelligent. This has helped in optimizing traffic loads and enhancing customer experiences in both voice and data services.

Network Optimization

Robi stated, “2023 marks the year we established a smart network infrastructure to support the Smart Bangladesh vision. Our focus now extends beyond traditional connectivity services to enable a seamless digital lifestyle and elevate daily experiences for our customers in novel ways. This resonates with Robi’s identity as a leading digital brand, with the 4.5G Supernet embodying the spirit of ‘Believe, You Can.’

As a result of these network enhancements, Robi proudly announced that the call drop rate, a crucial voice quality metric, has decreased to an impressive 0.3 percent. This performance surpasses the benchmark set by the telecom regulator.

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