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Apple alerts iPhone users about Pegasus attacks from governments.

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In Short:

Apple is warning iPhone users of state-sponsored spyware attacks through an alert system. The spyware, called Pegasus, can access sensitive data, communications, and even the camera and microphone of the iPhone. Users are advised to update to iOS 16.6 and activate Lockdown Mode. The attacks are global, targeting individuals of extreme interest. Apple is sending alerts to users in 150 countries. Stay vigilant and update your iPhone for security.

Apple Alerts iPhone Users About Spyware Attacks

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Apple, a technology major, is sending iPhone users alerts when their devices are compromised with spyware. Recent posts on Reddit have highlighted that Apple is alerting users about potential attacks from state-sponsored attackers. The alerts inform users that they are being targeted likely due to their identities and activities. The spyware in question, known as Pegasus, enables attackers to remotely access sensitive data, communications, and even the camera and microphone of the user’s iPhone.

Protection Measures Recommended by Apple

Apple is recommending that users update their iPhones to the latest software version, iOS 16.6, if they believe they have been attacked. Additionally, the company advises users to activate Lockdown Mode from the settings app. It is important to note that not every user will be targeted, as these attacks are expensive and typically aimed at individuals of high interest. However, the attacks have a global reach, with Apple sending alerts to consumers in 150 countries.

If you receive an email from [email protected], do not ignore it as it could be an alert from Apple regarding potential spyware on your device. State-sponsored attacks have become increasingly common, particularly targeting individuals such as journalists or politically active social media influencers.

Importance of Keeping Your iPhone Updated

It is advisable to keep your iPhone updated to the latest software version not only for security reasons but also to enhance your overall user experience. Pegasus spyware has been used in the past to target individuals like journalists, compromising their private information. While Apple may not be able to remove the spyware from your device currently, the company is actively sending alerts to users to raise awareness about potential threats.

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