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Reliance Jio Ensuring Seamless 4G/5G Connectivity for Chardham Travellers

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In Short:

Reliance Jio has improved its network for Chardham Yatra pilgrims, expanding 4G and launching True 5G in Uttarakhand. Jio uses 700 MHz band for better coverage and offers the fastest download speeds in India. Airtel also offers free 5G services but lags behind Jio. Both companies are currently not charging extra for 5G, focusing on expanding coverage instead of monetization.

Reliance Jio Ensures Seamless Connectivity for Chardham Pilgrims

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<p><b>Reliance Jio</b>, India’s largest telecom operator, has optimized its networks to provide uninterrupted connectivity for pilgrims during the Chardham Yatra. The company has expanded its 4G and 5G presence along the Chardham route by adding more towers to ensure continuous connectivity for users.</p>
<h3>Enhanced Coverage Experience with 5G</h3>
<p><b>Reliance Jio</b> is using its premium 700 MHz band to offer an enhanced coverage experience with its 5G network. According to Opensignal, <b>Jio’s</b> 5G network has delivered the fastest median download speeds in India. The 5G services will not only be limited to major cities but also extend to smaller towns in Uttarakhand.</p>
<h3>Impact on Pilgrims and Locals</h3>
<p>The improved connectivity will benefit both Chardham pilgrims and the local residents in their daily lives. <b>Reliance Jio</b> has already covered a significant portion of the country with its 5G network and is working on expanding coverage further. The company’s 5G FWA services are already available in over 5000 towns.</p>
<p><b>Reliance Jio</b> currently offers 5G services for free to customers recharging with the Rs 239 plan or above, as well as the Rs 61 data voucher. There is no information yet on when the company will start charging additional fees for 5G services.</p>
<h3>Competition from Bharti Airtel</h3>
<p><b>Bharti Airtel</b>, the second-largest telecom operator in India, is also providing its 5G network services for free. However, the company is lagging behind <b>Reliance Jio</b> in terms of 5G coverage and is progressing at a slower pace due to limited monetization opportunities.</p>
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