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Megacable Sets Record with 1.1Tbps Long-Distance Optical Transmission

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In Short:

Mexican operator Megacable achieved record-breaking speeds of 1.1 Tbps in long-distance optic transmission tests with partner Network. This milestone validates their planned use of coherent optics to increase network capacity. The trial was conducted over a challenging 390 km route, with Nokia’s technology, and aims to increase speeds from 9.6 Tb to 38.4 Tb. This will benefit business and residential users, with lower energy consumption and operating costs.

Megacable Achieves 1.1 Tbps Long-Distance Optical Transmission Milestone

Mexican triple-play operator Megacable has achieved speeds of 1.1 Tbps in long-distance optic transmission tests conducted with network partner Network this week. The test validates Megacable‘s planned use of coherent optics to rapidly scale its network capacity. This is a Latin American speed record in long-distance optical transmission.

Trial Details and Success Factors

The trial was conducted over one of Megacable‘s existing long-distance routes with challenging fiber conditions and maintained all required network margins to replicate a real-world deployment scenario. The milestone was achieved over 390 km, with several intermediate ROADMs and no Raman amplifications.

A previous test, under similar conditions, demonstrated 900 Gbps in single-carrier transmission over 600 km. These tests are part of Megacable‘s plans to scale its network capacity.

Future Plans and Network Expansion

“We selected Nokia for this trial to prove our network evolution. It will allow us to increase optical spectrum efficiency, enabling capacities up to 38.4 Tbps,” said Megacable, commenting on the achievement.

This optical network enables Megacable to provide ultra-broadband connectivity critical to business customers and necessary to support the accelerated growth of residential users. Additionally, Megacable will benefit from lower energy consumption in the network and a lower operating cost per bit.


Megacable is one of the telecommunications operators in Mexico and Latin America, operating in all 32 states of the country and in more than 550 municipalities. As of March 31, 2024, Megacable had more than 5 million unique subscribers, including close to 4.9 million Internet subscribers, more than 3.9 million video subscribers, and close to 4.3 million fixed telephony service. Its services are offered through a network of more than 95.6 thousand kilometres, covering approximately 16 million homes.

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