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Kinetic Enhances Fiber Installation Quality Using Resi-Plow Technique

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In Short:

Kinetic, a US-based fibre broadband provider, is investing in small drop plows to minimize disruption during fibre installations in neighborhoods. The company has acquired over 50 small drop plows, totaling a USD 2 million investment, to enhance fibre installation quality. The ‘Resi-Plow’ method introduced in 2022 aims to upgrade fibre optic availability in established neighborhoods with minimal impact on landscapes and efficient installation and repair processes.

Kinetic Boosts Fiber Installation Quality With Resi-Plow Method
US-based fibre broadband provider Kinetic has announced its investment in small drop plows to improve the quality of fibre installations while minimizing disruption in neighbourhoods. The company has acquired over 50 small drop plows, amounting to an estimated USD 2 million investment.

Minimising Disruption

Kinetic implemented the Residential Plow method in 2022, focusing on high-quality, customer-centric construction. The ‘Resi-Plow’ method specifically addresses the challenges of upgrading fiber optic availability in established neighborhoods, especially those with significant landscaping or community association regulations.

“Historically, fibre optic cable installation methods have involved larger construction machinery, open trenches, and more time,” stated Kinetic Construction Optimization. “With our Resi-Plow technology, we use micro-duct tubing, the size of a crayon, to significantly reduce the impact on existing areas and landscapes.”

Efficient Repair Processes

The Resi-Plow method focuses on minimal use of natural resources, soil disturbance, and efficient installation and repair processes, according to the company.

“Unlike traditional cables and ducts, which can weigh up to 400 pounds per 1,000 feet, our miniaturized fibre optic cables and micro-ducts only weigh 40 pounds per 1,000 feet,” explained Kinetic Construction Optimization. “This leads to smaller transportation and construction equipment.”

Kinetic, a part of the Windstream company, offers fibre-based broadband services to residential and small business customers across 18 states.

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