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Realme plans to target mid-high segment, anticipates 10% sales growth in India by 2024

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In Short:

Realme, a Chinese smartphone maker, aims to increase sales by 10% in India by focusing on mid-high-end segment. They plan to offer a range of products to meet consumer demands and prioritize accessibility of 5G technology. Realme plans to increase market share in India by expanding product lineup and presence in online and offline channels. With a focus on innovation and strategic partnerships, Realme aims to continue growing in the Indian market.

Realme Outlines Strategy for Indian Market Expansion

Realme, the Chinese smartphone maker, is targeting a 10% increase in sales within the Indian market this year. The company’s founder and CEO Sky Li emphasizes a focus on the mid-high-end market segment to achieve this goal. Realme aims to meet the diverse demands of Indian consumers by launching a wide range of products across various price segments.

Focus on 5G Technology and Accessibility

Realme has been proactive in introducing accessible 5G smartphones in the Rs 10-15k price range to cater to the mass market. The company prioritizes accessibility without compromising on quality or features. Realme aims to not only provide smartphones but also deliver value-driven products that enhance the overall user experience.

Market Presence and Future Plans

Realme plans to increase its market share by launching new products across different price segments. The company targets a 10% sales increase in India by 2024. With a focus on the mid-premium segment, Realme aims to offer innovative features at affordable prices. Expansion into over 100 new markets globally is also part of the company’s ambitious plans.

Omnichannel Approach and Customer Engagement

Realme emphasizes both online and offline channels to reach out to customers effectively. The company aims to enhance customer experience in physical stores to provide a hands-on experience with its products. Strategic partnerships with leading e-commerce platforms facilitate wider customer reach.

R&D and Future Innovations

Realme’s commitment to innovation is evident through increased R&D spending and the establishment of a dedicated R&D center. The company plans to launch a new GT series in India, aiming to set new industry standards. Realme’s focus on AI capabilities in smartphones aligns with its goal to offer advanced technology and enhance the user experience.

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