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Samsung’s Good Lock App now available on Google Play Store for Early Access

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In Short:

Samsung’s Good Lock app, a customization suite for Galaxy smartphones, is now reportedly available on the Google Play Store. The app allows users to customize their lock screen, notifications, and home screen. The app was previously only available in the Galaxy Store but is now in early access on the Play Store. However, it is still only compatible with Galaxy phones. Users should be cautious, as the app is still in development and may have stability issues.

Samsung’s Good Lock app Reportedly Coming to Google Play Store

Samsung’s Good Lock app, a customisation suite for Galaxy smartphones that allows users to play around with various modules and even add new functionalities, is reportedly now coming to the Google Play Store. The app offers modules to customise lock screen, notifications, home screen, and more. Earlier, the app was only available in the Galaxy Store. However, a report claims that it was seen in the Play Store in early access. Notably, the app is still only compatible with Galaxy phones and will not work on other Android handsets.

Details from 9to5Google Report

According to a report by 9to5Google, the Good Lock app was spotted in the Google Play Store in early access. The early access means it will not be available to all users and only some will be able to install and use it normally. We, at Gadgets 360, were not able to locate the app in the Play Store, which could be due to its limited availability to only a few countries. At the moment, it appears the app is not available in India.

Key Details of the App

Based on the screenshot shared by tipster @tarunvats33, the app’s current version is The app is 3.3MB in size and its description highlights all the usual functionalities that the Galaxy Store version of the app shows. Reportedly, the app shows up even for non-Galaxy Android phones. However, it comes with the disclaimer that the phone is not compatible with the app.

Important Note for Users

Since the app is currently in development, it may not work for all users. It is recommended that users do not install it for their primary device as it may have some instability issues, even if you do get the access.

Background on Good Lock App

Samsung launched the Good Lock app in 2018 as a customisation tool for its Galaxy smartphones. The app introduced an advanced level of personalisation tools on supported Galaxy devices. It features apps such as Lockstar, Quickstar, Task Changer, and ClockFace. It also allowed users to have greater control over Sound settings through the preloaded Sound Assistant. Additionally, it also allows users to customise their notifications and add visual elements to them.

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