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Labour Officials Visit Foxconn iPhone Plant, Inquire About Hiring Practices

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In Short:

Labour officials in India visited a Foxconn factory after reports that the company was rejecting married women from iPhone assembly jobs. The officials questioned executives about the hiring practices. Foxconn stated that they are not discriminating against married women. The Indian government has requested detailed reports on the matter. Apple and Foxconn have acknowledged lapses in hiring practices in the past but did not address the recent instances of discrimination.

Indian labour officials conducted an inspection at a Foxconn factory in Tamil Nadu this week to investigate the company’s hiring practices following reports of discrimination against married women in iPhone assembly jobs.

Official Visit and Inquiry

A five-member team from the federal government’s regional labour department visited the Foxconn factory near Chennai on July 1. They engaged with company directors and human resources officials to gather information and address concerns.

Foxconn and Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the matter.

Government Inquiries

Following Reuters’ investigation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government requested detailed reports from state and federal labour authorities on the hiring practices at the manufacturing facility.

The regional labour commissioner, A. Narasaiah, stated that Foxconn was asked to submit documents like company policies, recruitment policies, and evidence of compliance with labour laws.

Foxconn informed the labour officials that out of 41,281 employees, including 33,360 women, about 8% of the women were married. The company did not provide specific figures for iPhone assembly where the alleged discrimination was reported.

Response and Debates

Apple and Foxconn acknowledged previous lapses in hiring practices but did not address the instances reported in 2023 and 2024. Foxconn has denied allegations of employment discrimination based on marital status.

The Reuters investigation has sparked debates and calls for further investigation from various groups and opposition figures.


While Indian law does not prohibit discrimination based on marital status, Apple and Foxconn stated that their policies prohibit such practices in their supply chains.

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