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Google Pixel 10 set to switch from Samsung to TSMC for Tensor G5 processor: Report

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In Short:

Google Pixel 10 may have its chipset made by TSMC. Even though the phone won’t launch until late 2025, reports suggest that Google could move away from Samsung for its chips. Sample units of the chip may already be in production. The chip, codenamed “Laguna Beach,” has passed system-level testing. This shift may be due to Google’s previous Pixel phones facing issues with thermal management and battery life. TSMC has a larger market share than Samsung Foundry in chip manufacturing.

According to a recent report, Google Pixel 10 may have its chipset manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). The smartphone is expected to be launched in late 2025, with speculations that Google will move away from using Samsung’s foundry post Pixel 9 and the Tensor G4. It is rumored that the company has already started manufacturing sample units of the chip to ensure a smooth production process, even though the launch is still more than a year away.

Google Pixel 10’s Tensor G5 Chip: Details

According to a report by Android Authority, the chip named “Laguna Beach” was reportedly spotted in shipping manifest databases. The chip revision “A0” is said to be the initial version of the Tensor G5, with further revisions expected before it is ready for the Pixel 10 series. The database also indicates “NPI-OPEN”, suggesting it is a “New Product Introduction”.

The chip has passed the SLT (system-level test), indicating some functionality. The SLT is a test where chips are subjected to simulated user environments to mimic end-user operations.

Despite the launch of the Google Pixel 10 being more than a year away, the manufacturing process for its chipset seems to be in progress.

Why the shift?

In recent years, Google’s Pixel series has used Tensor chips in collaboration with Samsung Foundry. While performance has been satisfactory, thermal management and efficiency have been areas of concern. The Pixel 8 series faced issues with heat dissipation and battery life.

In the smartphone market, most devices use TSMC-fabricated chips. According to a report by Counterpoint Research, Samsung Foundry holds a market share of only 13 percent in Q1 2024, compared to TSMC’s 62 percent.

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