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Android 15 Beta 2 Launched with Private Space, Enhanced Anti-Theft Security, and More

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In Short:

Google announced Android 15 Beta 2 at their developer conference Google I/O 2024. The latest OS update focuses on security and privacy features, with a new Private Space feature to hide apps securely. Other anti-theft features like Theft Detection Lock and Remote Lock will deter thieves. Android 15 Beta 2 is available for download on select Google Pixel smartphones and will roll out to other devices in the coming weeks.

Google Announces Android 15 Beta 2 with Enhanced Security Features

During Google I/O 2024, Google announced the release of Android 15 Beta 2, the latest beta version of its upcoming major operating system update. The new beta is now available for download on Google Pixel smartphones and will be rolled out to select smartphones in the coming weeks. This version of Android 15 is focused on introducing new security and privacy features.

New Security and Privacy Features

One of the key features showcased during a Google I/O developer session is Private Space. This feature allows users to hide specific apps, such as banking or social media apps, in a secure location on their smartphone. Apps in the Private Space can be updated separately and have access to a dedicated storage area.

The Private Space feature is easily accessible on Android 15, with the option to protect the segregated app list with a passcode or biometric lock.

Enhanced Anti-Theft Protections

Google has also upgraded its anti-theft protections in Android 15. The Theft Detection Lock feature automatically locks the smartphone when suspicious activity is detected, while the Offline Device Lock secures the device when internet access is disabled.

Users can also remotely lock or wipe their phone using a different number if it is stolen, further discouraging theft.

Additional Features

Android 15 introduces the ability to automatically enable Bluetooth the next day, along with improvements to the widget picker and a redesigned volume control panel for better usability.


Android 15 Beta 2 can be downloaded on a range of Google Pixel devices. Select smartphones from other manufacturers will also be eligible to install the beta version. For a complete list of compatible handsets, visit the official Google website.

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