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OTT platforms seek high returns from big-budget flagship titles in foreign markets

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In Short:

Big-budget Indian shows like Heeramandi, The Archies, Jubilee, and Indian Police Force have mixed results on Netflix and Amazon Prime due to challenges in the Indian OTT market. The audience for OTT platforms grew by 13.5% in 2023. High-budget titles did not always translate into compelling content. Shows may be amortized globally, but ROI heavily depends on international markets. Popular shows alone can’t drive subscriptions; platforms need consistent content to engage users.

The Big Showdown: How Big-budget Shows are Performing on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

The world of entertainment has been buzzing with excitement as Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, The Archies, Jubilee, and Indian Police Force make their grand appearance on popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. With a whopping investment of 150-200 crores on production and marketing, these shows have certainly made a splash in the industry.

The Indian OTT Market Challenges

While these big-budget shows have garnered attention, they are facing challenges in the Indian OTT market. Paid subscriptions seem to have hit a ceiling, and there is a lack of new users signing up, creating a unique predicament for these streaming giants.

Expert Insights

Industry experts believe that these shows are designed with global audiences in mind, aiming to tap into revenue possibilities across various markets. However, the content may not always resonate with viewers, leading to mixed reviews and word-of-mouth.

Current Performance Snapshot

According to Ormax estimates, Heeramandi has clocked in 6.6 million views in its first week, followed by The Archies with 3.8 million views. Indian Police Force and Jubilee have also seen significant viewership numbers. However, not all shows have made it to the top ranks in viewer ratings, indicating varying levels of success.

Netflix and Prime Video have remained tight-lipped about the performance and returns from these high-budget titles, keeping the industry speculating about their impact on the streaming landscape.

Initial Reception

The initial buzz around these shows has created visible traction, with Heeramandi topping the charts as the most-viewed Indian series on Netflix. The Archies also made waves in the Top 10 Films category, gaining popularity in several countries.

Global Strategy

While these shows act as a lure for international markets, the real revenue gains often come from overseas viewers. This global perspective plays a crucial role in the decision-making process for commissioning such high-profile shows, aligning with the platforms’ overarching business goals.

The Future of Flagship Shows

As the industry navigates the complexities of OTT dynamics, experts emphasize the importance of a consistent stream of engaging content to retain and attract users. While flagship shows have their value, they cannot solely drive subscription growth, necessitating a balanced content strategy.

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