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O2 Czechia’s 5G Expansion & Mobile Network Modernization by Year End

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In Short:

O2 Czech Republic has expanded its 5G network to cover 88.6% of the population and 59% of the area. By the end of the year, they aim to provide 5G coverage to almost the entire country. The company is modernizing its network in cooperation with CETIN and plans to cover around 650 locations with a 5G signal. O2 reports a significant increase in data consumption and plans to expand the capacity of base stations to meet growing demand.

O2 Czechia Continues 5G Expansion, Plans to Modernise Mobile Network By Year End
O2 Czech Republic has announced that its 5G Network currently covers over 88.6 percent of the country’s population and 59 percent of its area. The company is focused on modernizing its mobile network, with the aim of providing almost nationwide 5G coverage by the end of the year. O2 is working in collaboration with Operator CETIN on this extensive modernization effort, which is said to be the largest in the company’s history.

Extensive 5G Coverage

“This year, we plan to cover approximately 650 locations with a 5G signal, especially in southern Moravia. By the end of this year, we will complete the modernization of a significant part of the network. For the following year 2025, only individual, more complex, less accessible base stations will remain,” says O2.

“These are localities where, for example, the reconstruction of the building on which the O2 base station is located is underway, and coordination of the work is needed.”

Data Consumption

“In the coming years, we plan gradual development according to the development of demand. We will increase the capacity of base stations where there is the largest data traffic, whether generated by mobile data or fixed wireless internet,” adds O2.

O2 reported that the average data consumption per customer has increased more than twelvefold over the past five years, while year-on-year data consumption per customer increased by 30 percent.

The operator highlighted that the total installed capacity for O2 networks is five times higher than 5 years ago. During peak times, such as major sporting events, O2’s radio networks handle nine times the data streams compared to previous years.

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