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New movies and TV series utilize social media teasers for marketing momentum

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In Short:

Short video clips lasting 5-10 minutes are being released on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote films and shows. While this can generate buzz, it can also backfire by giving away too much content for free. Different types of clips are circulating, from promotional videos to influencer-led content, but pirated clips are a major concern as they can impact both production companies and OTT platforms negatively.

Engaging Audiences with Snippets: A Modern Marketing Strategy

Have you noticed **studios** and **platforms** releasing short clips on social media lately? These little teasers, lasting between five to 10 minutes, are shared on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They give away major dialogues, scenes, and songs from upcoming titles to grab viewers’ attention.

Creating Buzz through Short Clips

These snippets not only introduce important characters and story arcs but also help build excitement around a film or show. They are shared on the **studio** or platform’s own accounts as well as through collaborations with content creators and entertainment portals.

Benefits and Risks

While some experts see this as a smart way to generate buzz beyond traditional marketing, others worry about the downside. The strategy can backfire if too much content is given away for free, reducing the incentive for viewers to pay for the full experience. Additionally, piracy remains a concern with illegal leaks circulating online.

Expert Insights

According to Girish Dwibhashyam, from DocuBay, releasing multiple clips increases the chances of content going viral organically. While it may reveal parts of the story, getting noticed is the top priority.

Types of Clips

Avinash Mudaliar, CEO of OTTPlay, explains that clips on social media fall into three categories: promotional videos, influencer-led content, and illicit or bootlegged clips. While the first two can be managed to some extent, pirated content poses a significant challenge to **production companies** and **OTT platforms**.

Controlling the Narrative

The decision to release snippets can vary based on the context. Rajat Agrawal, from Ultra Media & Entertainment Group, mentions that for older films, sharing clips may entice viewers to watch the complete content online. However, for newly released films, leaks can spoil crucial moments.

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