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BICS introduces Roaming SMS Translator for 2G and 3G Shutdowns

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In Short:

Telecom companies worldwide are shutting down outdated 2G and 3G networks. BICS has launched a new solution to support international SMS on advanced networks that no longer support older technologies. The solution helps roamers from 2G/3G networks stay connected while abroad, even if local networks don’t support 2G/3G. Some operators are still continuing 2G services but are phasing them out gradually to enhance 4G and 5G networks.

BICS Launches Roaming SMS Translator to Support 2G and 3G Shutdowns
Telcos globally are transitioning away from 2G and 3G networks. In response, mobile digital communications company BICS has introduced a new solution to facilitate international SMS on more advanced networks as legacy technologies are phased out. This solution is particularly beneficial for carriers that have retired their 2G and 3G networks, ensuring that inbound roamers from networks using older SMS protocols can still connect.

Legacy Network Transition

The solution enables travelers and devices from networks still reliant on 2G and 3G messaging technologies to maintain service while roaming in regions where local operators have moved on to newer technologies.

The global telecom landscape is evolving with the shutdown of older networks in favor of 4G and 5G technologies. However, different regions are progressing at varying rates, as highlighted by the continued use of 3G in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As reported by TelecomTalk, operators worldwide are decommissioning 2G and 3G networks to bolster 4G and 5G services. While some have announced phaseout plans, others are still supporting legacy technologies for SMS and voice calls.

Addressing Roaming Challenges

To prevent a Roaming Gap and ensure seamless connectivity for roamers, BICS addressed the issue of SMS incompatibility between networks. A key concern was the absence of vital welcome messages and emergency information for roamers.

BICS’ Solution

BICS emphasized the importance of supporting SMS from 2G/3G networks to maintain revenue streams and ensure effective monetization of voice and data services. The company stressed the need for operators to bridge the digital divide as technologies advance.

The SMS Translator offered by BICS acts as a bridge between different generations of protocols, allowing seamless message delivery across varied network technologies. This solution follows the success of BICS’ VoLTE enabler introduced last year to address voice service compatibility post 2G and 3G network phaseouts.

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