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MEA backs India’s AI Mission and geospatial technologies

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In Short:

The Ministry of External Affairs is supporting India’s initiatives on artificial intelligence, geospatial technologies, and space sector through collaborations outside the country. The Centre approved a budget for India AI Mission to develop new technology in India. ChatGPT developer OpenAI also expressed interest in contributing. The ministry is focusing on multiple emerging technologies and collaborating with different countries for global governance. They are also looking to reduce dependence on imports in the telecom sector.

India’s External Affairs Ministry Supporting AI, Geospatial Technologies, and Space Sector

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is actively working to support India’s initiatives on artificial intelligence (AI), geospatial technologies, and the space sector through collaborations outside the country, as mentioned by a top official.

Initiatives and Collaboration

Last year, the Centre approved the India AI Mission with a budget of Rs 10,372 crore for five years, aiming to showcase new AI applications to enhance India’s global competitiveness. The MEA is also focusing on multiple emerging technologies, green hydrogen, and actively participating in global governance forums like BRICS, G7, and G20.

Key Points Highlighted

  • Collaborations with different countries in AI, geospatial technologies, and space sector
  • Optimism about creating a global south computing consulting
  • Shift away from the Chinese market and communication infrastructure
  • Promotion of India’s indigenously developed technologies such as the 5G stack
  • Focus on developing self-reliance in the telecom sector

Outlook and Future Steps

The MEA official mentioned the importance of domestic companies bringing innovation to meet the high demand worldwide. The government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims to reduce dependence on imports and diversify supply chains in the telecom sector post Covid-19 disruptions.

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