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Instagram craze: Delhi’s treasure hunt trend gains massive popularity

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In Short:

An anonymous Instagram user in Delhi is hiding ₹500 notes around the city for a Treasure Hunt. The user, claiming to be an artist, started this initiative to help people and raise awareness about the treatment of artists in big companies. Winners are chosen by finding the money based on clues provided in videos on Instagram. The account has gained over 12.8K followers.

Delhi’s Instagram Treasure Hunt

Remember the thrill of a treasure hunt from your childhood? Well, now you can experience it in real life with **Delhi’s** very own Instagram Treasure Hunt!

Fascinating Delhites Online

Creating a buzz online, an anonymous Instagram user under the name ‘Treasure Hunt Delhi’ has been hiding **₹500** notes in unexpected locations around the national capital since February 25.

With over 12.8K followers on the platform, each day brings a new opportunity for someone to stumble upon extra cash.

The Mystery Unveiled

Rumored to be a 25-year-old man, the mysterious user posts daily clues through videos on his Instagram account, guiding eager treasure hunters to new spots in Delhi.

The lucky individual who finds the hidden note first gets to keep it as a prize.

Artist Turned Philanthropist

Speaking to *Moneycontrol* on the condition of anonymity, the creator behind the account revealed that he funds these treasure hunts using his own money.

Describing himself as an artist disillusioned by the treatment of artists in big companies, he started the treasure hunt as a means to give back to people and make a difference, however small.

Real-Life Competition

The ‘artist’ views his initiative as a real-life competition that offers tangible value to its participants. Having successfully completed 25 treasure hunts, he hopes to expand the popularity of his account to increase the prize amount.

Currently, each hidden note is **₹500**, but with potential brand partnerships on the horizon, the prize pool could grow substantially in the future.

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