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Inmarsat’s NexusWave: New Global Maritime Connectivity Service

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In Short:

Inmarsat Maritime, a Viasat company, has launched a new service for the maritime market called NexusWave. This service combines GX Ka-band, LEO services, coastal LTE service, and L-band for resiliency, providing fast and unlimited internet with global coverage. NexusWave will also integrate the ViaSat-3 Ka-band service in 2025 for managed performance levels regardless of location. This service supports digitalization and crew welfare initiatives, simplifying connectivity for maritime operators worldwide.

Inmarsat Launches New Global Maritime Connectivity Service NexusWave

Inmarsat Maritime, a Viasat company, has introduced a new service called NexusWave for the maritime sector. The service combines Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band, low-Earth orbit (LEO) services, coastal LTE service, and an additional layer of L-band for resiliency. This integration aims to provide fast, unlimited internet and always-on connectivity with global coverage.

Integration of ViaSat-3 Ka-band Service

Inmarsat revealed that NexusWave will include the ultra-high capacity ViaSat-3 Ka-band service, set to debut in 2025. The service guarantees managed performance levels regardless of the vessel’s location or needs. It also facilitates digitalization and enhances crew welfare by creating floating offices and homes.

Inmarsat Maritime stated, “Maritime operators are facing increasing data consumption demands and speed requirements on their vessels, along with the complex task of global connectivity while ensuring communication security and efficiency. The new solution provides customers with the confidence to operate worldwide on their terms with peace of mind.”

Inmarsat Maritime

NexusWave, globally supported and managed by Inmarsat, includes technical support, and the company plans to continue enhancing the solution over time. Inmarsat Maritime, a subsidiary of Viasat, caters to the maritime industry’s needs by offering solutions for connectivity, navigation, operational efficiency, and crew welfare.

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