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Ananant Systems collaborating with local OEMs to develop BSNL’s 5G chip

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In Short:

Ananant Systems, a startup, is partnering with major telecom equipment makers to develop chips for BSNL’s 5G network rollout. They aim to provide advanced connectivity, computing, and security solutions for 5G and 6G infrastructure. The company’s innovative architecture promises to reduce costs and power consumption. They plan to focus on base stations in the first year and later move into device development. Ananant’s partnership with IESA aims to establish India as a leader in wireless technology.

Indian Startup Ananant Systems Collaborating with Telecom Equipment Makers for BSNL’s 5G Network

Semiconductor and wireless systems startup Ananant Systems is currently working with major telecom equipment makers to locally develop chips for the proposed rollout of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd’s 5G network, according to its chief executive.

Addressing the Connectivity Needs

The Bengaluru-based company is focused on meeting the growing demands for advanced connectivity, computing, and security in wireless 5G and 6G infrastructure and devices. Ananant Systems provides intellectual property (IP), chip design, semiconductor products, software, and systems – all developed and owned in India.

“We have an innovative architecture that aims to reduce costs and power consumption significantly compared to competitors, with AI inference ready for advanced 5G and 6G networks,” said Chitranjan Singh, the CEO.

Future Plans for Infrastructure

Singh mentioned that Advanced 5G and 6G would involve a simple software upgrade without requiring changes in hardware. The company’s initial focus will be on base stations for infrastructure, followed by venturing into devices such as smart meters for 4G and 5G handsets.

Partnerships and Vision

By aligning with local partners, including the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), Ananant Systems aims to position India as a leader in the global wireless technology sector while promoting self-reliance. Singh emphasized the importance of building a robust, secure, and indigenous wireless infrastructure as the world moves towards the 5G era.

The company is keen on establishing strong partnerships within India to create an integrated network supporting various aspects from wireless IP development to end-system design and manufacturing. The collaboration with IESA marks the first step towards this goal.

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