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India must strategically focus on crucial technology segments to achieve self-reliance: MeitY secretary

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In Short:

S Krishnan, Secretary of Ministry of Electronics and IT, emphasized the importance of India achieving self-reliance in high-end computing technology. He expressed confidence in domestic companies competing globally and highlighted the collaboration between private industry and government initiatives. Netweb Technologies inaugurated a manufacturing facility for high-end computing products, showcasing India’s potential in the global technology market. The facility has clients like DRDO, RailTel, and ISRO.

India Focuses on Achieving ‘Atmanirbharta’ in High-End Technology: MeitY Official

S Krishnan, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY). (file photo)

According to S Krishnan, Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), achieving self-reliance in critical technology areas, especially high-end computing, is essential for India. He voiced confidence in domestic companies, stating they can develop technologies while competing globally.

Striving for Self-Reliance

Krishnan emphasized the importance of India’s presence in the electronics sector, particularly in high-end computing. He highlighted the role of homegrown companies in competing with global leaders, aligning with the nation’s strategic goals.

Collaborative efforts between private industry and the R&D community are critical in realizing India’s vision of self-reliance in technology. These initiatives are crucial for enhancing the country’s capabilities, as per Krishnan.

Focusing on High-End Manufacturing

While cost dynamics influence consumer electronics manufacturing, Krishnan emphasized the need for India to develop domestic capabilities in high-end manufacturing. He stated that India should strive to deliver higher-end operations domestically.

Highlighting the potential for growth in high-performance computing, Krishnan noted the significant market opportunity that could contribute to India’s national importance in this field.

Netweb Technologies’ Milestone

Krishnan made these remarks during the inauguration of IT hardware maker Netweb Technologies‘ flagship high-end computing facility in Faridabad. The facility covers end-to-end manufacturing, including designing PCBs and assembling complete systems with leading chipsets from technology partners like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD.

In a media statement, Sanjay Lodha, CMD of Netweb Technologies, highlighted the facility’s significance in supporting the ‘Make in India’ initiative and bolstering India’s position in the global technology market.

Business Ventures

Netweb Technologies shared that it serves both government and enterprise sectors, with clients including DRDO, RailTel, ISRO, Societe General, Infosys, Accenture, and TCS.

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