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HP collaborates with chip and software companies to enhance AI features in its devices

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In Short:

HP India’s Senior Director, Vineet Gehani, says HP Inc. is collaborating with chip and software companies to bring more AI capabilities to laptops and desktops. AI-enabled devices are expected to be widely adopted in both consumer and enterprise sectors. HP has launched HP Omen Transcend 14 series laptops and HP Envy x360 14 with AI features. HP aims to empower various segments with AI-enhanced PCs and is working with partners to redesign PC architecture. AI is set to revolutionize the PC market in India.

HP Inc. Collaborating with Chip Companies and Software Providers to Enhance AI Capabilities in Devices

HP Inc. is working closely with chip companies and software providers to integrate more artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into its devices. The leading PC-maker in India foresees a widespread adoption of AI-enabled laptops and desktops in both consumer and enterprise segments.

Partnerships and New Product Launch

Vineet Gehani, Senior Director of Consumer Sales at HP India, emphasized the importance of AI in enhancing user experiences. HP recently launched the HP Omen Transcend 14 series laptops in India, equipped with Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 GPU and Intel Core Ultra processors. These laptops offer local AI capabilities and features like live transcripts, real-time captions, audio transcription, and AI-generated notes, priced from Rs 1,74,999.

Another new product, the HP Envy x360 14, includes a dedicated Microsoft CoPilot button for generative AI functionalities such as assisted search and content generation, priced from Rs 99,999.

AI Features Across Industries

Gehani affirmed that AI is an integral part of HP’s future products, stating that all HP devices will incorporate AI features. He highlighted that AI-enabled laptops are not limited to consumer applications but will also be widely adopted across various industries like healthcare, manufacturing, BFSI, and more.

Market Position and Future Outlook

Despite low PC penetration in India, HP secured the top position in the India PC market in 2023 with a volume share of 31.5%. IDC reported that HP led both the commercial and consumer segments with market shares of 33.6% and 29.4% respectively.

Looking ahead, IDC predicts a surge in the India PC market with a focus on local assembly and the introduction of AI-powered devices in the second half of the year.


HP is actively reshaping PC architecture in collaboration with software and silicon partners to leverage the potential of AI. The company’s commitment to innovating AI-enhanced devices aims to empower diverse user segments like students, freelancers, creators, and gamers, heralding a new era in the PC industry.

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