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Broadcom’s acquisition of VMWare sparks uncertainty and risk: Nutanix CEO

In Short:Nutanix's CEO raised concerns about Broadcom's acquisition of VMware and announced collaborations with Cisco and Dell Technologies. Nutanix aims to simplify hardware migrations...

From Scrappy Cryptominer to Billion-Dollar AI Backbone: CoreWeave’s Transformation

In Short:Former employees of CoreWeave say working there is very intense as there is an expectation to always be available. Personal phone numbers are...

Let Light Power AI Supercomputers for Better Performance

In Short:GlobalFoundries, a chip maker for companies like AMD and GM, partners with Lightmatter to revolutionize AI algorithms. Lightmatter's Passage technology could lead to...

HP collaborates with chip and software companies to enhance AI features in its devices

In Short:HP India's Senior Director, Vineet Gehani, says HP Inc. is collaborating with chip and software companies to bring more AI capabilities to laptops...

Plot to weaken Nvidia’s AI dominance through software targeting

In Short:Nvidia has become a giant in artificial intelligence with its chips and software, holding a near monopoly. A coalition of tech companies, including...

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