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KPN Plans to Close 2G Network in Netherlands by December 2025

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In Short:

Netherlands telecommunications provider KPN will shut down its 2G network by December 2025 due to decreasing usage and increasing data consumption. The move will free up network capacity for faster 4G and 5G services. Customers are advised to upgrade to 4G/5G devices. Those using M2M applications should transition to LTE-M. Starting December 1, 2025, 2G will no longer be available for calls or internet.

KPN to Shutdown 2G Network in Netherlands by December 2025

KPN to Shutdown 2G Network in Netherlands by December 2025

Netherlands-based telecommunications provider KPN has announced its decision to shut down its 2G network by December 2025. The company shared its rationale for this move, citing the increasing data consumption of customers. By reallocating the network capacity from 2G to 4G and 5G technologies, KPN aims to provide customers with higher speeds and improved capacity.

KPN Ending 2G Services

KPN stated, “On December 1, 2025, we will definitively cease 2G operations. With the dwindling use of 2G and the widespread adoption of 4G and 5G for internet access, we are repurposing 2G frequencies to enhance our 4G and 5G networks, making them even faster and more efficient.”

The company also addressed customer concerns regarding the network shutdown in an FAQ section on its website, providing guidance on upgrading to 4G/5G devices and ensuring network coverage.

Transitioning to LTE-M for M2M Applications

KPN advised current users of M2M applications to switch to LTE-M, highlighting its enhanced safety, future-proof features, and energy efficiency compared to 2G. The company emphasized that after December 1, 2025, 2G users will no longer be able to make calls or access the internet. Devices not compatible with 4G or 5G calling (VoLTE) will become obsolete.

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