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GSMA’s Mats Granryd on Telecom Industry News

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In Short:

Telecom sector in India is performing well, but it may take time for telcos to get into 5G enterprise use cases. GSMA director general Mats Granryd emphasizes the need for fair network investment sharing with OTT players. He discusses open source initiative, 5G monetisation, AI, USOF levy, and Vodafone Idea. Granryd believes India’s telecom sector is on the right track because of spectrum allocations and fast 5G rollout.

Telecom Sector in India: Insights from GSMA Director General

The telecom sector in India is performing well according to Mats Granryd, Director General of GSMA. While the transition to 5G-centric enterprise use cases may take some more time, Granryd highlights the importance of more dense networks and shared network investments by over the top (OTT) players.

Insights on India’s Telecom Sector

Granryd acknowledges the positive developments in the spectrum allocations and market consolidation. He also praises the unmatched speed of 5G rollout in India, attracting international attention for its progress.

5G Monetisation and Adoption

GSMA’s Open Gateway Initiative

Artificial Intelligence in Telecom

Regulation and OTT Players

Government and Industry Collaboration

Future Outlook for Vodafone Idea

Industry Advice for Vodafone Idea

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