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Government providing advanced chip design tools to 100+ colleges, reports ET Telecom

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In Short:

The government is providing over 100 colleges with electronic design automation tools from Siemens EDA, Synopsys, and Cadence to prepare talent for the semiconductor industry. Training with these tools ensures students are industry-ready when they graduate. Siemens, Synopsys, and Cadence are working with academic institutions to develop talent for the chip industry. The government’s Chips to Startups initiative aims to train 85,000 people in chip design over five years. Access to these tools enables incubation of startups and allows students to design chips of varying complexities. These tools are available at a highly subsidized rate to educational institutes. Students can design sub-components of chips for electronic devices using these tools.

Government Collaborates with Siemens EDA, Synopsys, and Cadence to Equip Colleges with EDA Tools

Imagine being a student and having access to cutting-edge electronic design automation (EDA) tools from key players like **Siemens EDA**, **Synopsys**, and **Cadence**. Well, that’s exactly what the government is doing for over 100 colleges in India. The aim? To prepare talent for the country’s burgeoning semiconductor ecosystem.

Industry-Ready Students

According to the country heads of these chip design software companies, training with these tools is a game-changer. It ensures that students are industry-ready by the time they graduate. In fact, globally, there are only a few companies that produce these tools, and designing a chip without them is nearly impossible.

Collaborative Initiatives

While **Siemens** works closely with the IT ministry on the EDA tools grid, supporting chip startups, **Synopsys** has partnered with prestigious institutions like IIT Bombay, Indian Institute of Science, and Jadavpur University to nurture talent. On the other hand, **Cadence** is making its EDA technologies available to 350 engineering colleges across India.

Training for the Future

The vision is clear – India needs a skilled workforce to power the proposed chip units. Initiatives like the Chips to Startups (C2S) program, started in January 2022, are on a mission to train 85,000 individuals over five years in integrated circuit and embedded system design.

Empowering Innovation

By providing these sophisticated tools to colleges at reduced rates, companies like **Siemens EDA**, **Synopsys**, and **Cadence** are fostering innovation and startup incubation. Students can now explore their creativity and design chips for various applications, be it in mobile phones or other industries like automotive and industrial control.

Building a Bright Future

As the world moves towards complex electronic devices, the demand for skilled engineers is only going to grow. By equipping students with the right tools and skills, these initiatives are not just preparing them for the future but also laying the foundation for a thriving semiconductor ecosystem in India.

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