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Gen AI: Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Regulation, Says Vaishnaw

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In Short:

Union Minister for Electronics and IT Ashwini Vaishnaw stressed the need for regulating Generative AI to protect social structures amidst its transformative powers. He highlighted the importance of striking a balance between innovation and regulation. Vaishnaw expressed concerns over the impact of AI on society and democracy if left unregulated. He emphasized the importance of consensus-building and stakeholder input in shaping future policies regarding AI and social media platforms.

Generative AI: Innovation and Regulation Balance Crucial, Says Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw

New Delhi: Generative AI is a relatively new phenomenon, and a fine balance must be struck between innovation and regulation to safeguard social structures and ensure progress, Union Minister for Electronics and IT Ashwini Vaishnaw said on Wednesday.

Importance of Regulation in AI Development

Speaking at a seminar by Women Journalist Welfare Trust, the minister emphasized the transformative powers of technology and AI in making lives easier. However, he also highlighted the downside risks they pose to established structures without proper safeguards, necessitating new regulations and legislations.

“There is a very risky side, which is affecting our society, democracy, and many of the social structures that were meticulously built over decades and centuries. Many of the institutions that were meant to protect society and make sure that we all live in a harmonious way are under attack,” he said.

Challenges of Generative AI

The minister pointed out that despite AI existing in the industrial world for three decades, generative AI, which allows normal users to create things associated with human creativity, is a new and challenging phenomenon.

“We must come out with some consensus on the way forward by which society can proceed. We, in India, believe that we must have a fine balance of innovation and regulation,” Vaishnaw stated.

Impact of Social Media and Internet Accessibility

Vaishnaw noted the significant reduction in the price of computing, connectivity, and sensors, leading to widespread internet accessibility. He mentioned that social media platforms have disrupted traditional institutions and created social tensions.

He further discussed the shift in liability from internet service providers to individual users posting content online, raising the question of accountability and regulatory regimes for social media platforms.

Global Debate on Regulation

Vaishnaw highlighted that societies worldwide are grappling with the issue of regulating social media platforms, determining liability, and ensuring accountability for published content. Finding a proper balance and protecting social structures is essential for the future.

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