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Optiva’s Partnership with GDi to Provide Integrated BSS and OSS Solutions.

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In Short:

Canada-based Optiva and network planning company GDi have teamed up to offer pre-integrated BSS and OSS software to CSPs. This collaboration aims to deliver new services, optimize system upgrades, and integrate billing and network data more efficiently. GDi will provide systems integration expertise for Optiva upgrades. The partnership will streamline data exchange, comply with regulations, and enhance the range of solutions available to CSPs.

Optiva Partners with GDi to Offer Pre-Integrated BSS and OSS Solutions

Optiva to Offer Pre-Integrated BSS, OSS in Partnership With GDi

Optiva, a Canada-based company, has entered into a partnership with network planning company GDi to provide pre-integrated and tested BSS (Business Support Systems) and OSS (Operations Support Systems) software to Communication Service Providers (CSPs). This collaboration comes at a time when the telecom industry is focusing on unifying billing and charging customer data with network management and operations support data.

Benefits for CSPs

The partnership aims to offer new services for joint clients and streamline the upgrade and modernisation of legacy BSS and OSS systems to enhance customer experience and operational efficiencies. According to Dominik Periskic, Executive Director of Product Management and Marketing at GDi, this collaboration will enable CSPs to implement IT support systems faster and more efficiently with all necessary functionalities.

Michele Campriani, CRO of Optiva, emphasized the importance of launching, operating, and scaling efficiently in a customer-centric manner.

Technical Integration

Optiva and GDi will provide development frameworks, integration capabilities with existing systems and third-party applications, pre-built connectors, TM Forum Open APIs, and standardised protocols to ensure seamless data exchange and interoperability while complying with industry regulations and data security standards. GDi will also offer systems integration and implementation expertise for Optiva’s upgrade and modernisation contracts.

Notable customers of GDi include A1 Telecom Austria Group operating companies, Deutsche Telecom operating companies, Vodafone, United Group operating companies, among others.

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