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Foodhall may be closed, but the Biyani sisters continue to explore gourmet food opportunities

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In Short:

The Biyani sisters are launching a new gourmet food retail store called Food Stories at Ambience Mall in New Delhi, funded by a Mumbai family office. The store will sell premium products and also have an e-commerce option. The move marks their return to food retail after their previous chain, Foodhall, closed following insolvency proceedings. Food retail is a growing market in India, with increasing competition from other companies launching premium food stores.

New Venture Alert: Biyani Sisters Back in Food Retail

Guess who’s making a comeback to the food retail scene? None other than the Biyani sisters—**Avni Biyani Jhunjhunwala** and **Ashni Biyani**! After kickstarting the Foodhall premium food chain back in 2011 at Mumbai’s Palladium Mall, the dynamic duo is all set to launch a new venture at New Delhi’s Ambience Mall this week. Exciting, isn’t it?

A Fresh Flavor in Premium Foods

The Biyani sisters’ latest venture, dubbed **Food Stories**, is slated to focus on selling gourmet goodies like cheese, condiments, fresh produce, packaged spices, oils, snacks, meats, and more from top-notch imported and local brands. To add more zest to the mix, they will also be venturing into e-commerce operations in Delhi later this year. Talk about a flavorful feast!

But wait, there’s more to the story.

The Rise of Premium Foods Trend

Given the growing demand for specialized foods and wellness products, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the Biyani sisters to re-enter the realm of food retail. Affluent Indian consumers are swooning over lavish treats like truffles, caviar, and exotic mushrooms, sparking a trend of upmarket grocery retail.

And it’s not just the Biyani sisters carving a slice of this delectable pie. Competitors like Spencer’s Retail Ltd have also entered this gourmet race, underscoring the fierce competition in the high-end food market. The stage is set for a scrumptious showdown!

Branching Out Into Exciting New Territories

Aside from their gourmet escapade, the Biyani sisters have also made strides in other retail domains. Their brainchild, **Think9 Consumer Technologies**, is nurturing digitally native brands across various sectors like fashion, food, wellness, beauty, and home decor. Furthermore, their upcoming retail concept, **Broadway**, aims to introduce over 100 trendy brands and 1,000 products to eager shoppers.

Exciting times ahead, indeed!

A Flavorful Reimagining

With a plethora of tantalizing offerings on the horizon, **Food Stories** is gearing up to reimagine the food retail experience. The store in Delhi will be a haven for food enthusiasts, featuring a 30-seater all-day dining café, an organic coffee program, luxurious single-origin chocolates, bespoke cheeses, premium spices, and more. Get ready to indulge your senses!

A Pinch of Context

Amidst the culinary buzz, it’s worth noting that the Biyani family is making a comeback in the food retail arena after facing challenges with their debt-laden businesses during the pandemic. A true tale of resilience and reinvention!

A Peek into the Market Dynamics

Before we sign off, here’s a glimpse into the broader landscape. The Indian food and grocery retail market is on an upward trajectory, with a projected value of $600 billion in 2022 and an estimated leap to $1,230 billion by 2023. The appetite for premium products is soaring, paving the way for a sumptuous future in the food retail space.

So, stay tuned for more savory updates from the culinary world!

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