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E&UAE’s Blueprint for AI Integration in Telecom

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In Short:

UAE’s telecommunications company e& released a whitepaper on integrating AI in the telecom sector. It discusses over 400 AI use cases and 160 ML models. The document offers practical guidance for AI adoption, showcasing e&’s AI journey and its impact on operations. e& has accelerated AI deployment for sustainability and efficiency, incorporating AI and ML into customer management and using technologies like facial recognition for customer convenience and security.

e& UAE Releases Blueprint for AI Integration in Telecommunications

E& UAE Releases Blueprint for AI Integration in Telecommunications

UAE’s telecommunications company e& UAE has released a new whitepaper offering a blueprint for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) within the telecommunications sector. Titled “Unleashing the Power of AI: How e& UAE is Shaping the Future of Telecommunications and Beyond,” the document offers an in-depth exploration of e& UAE’s journey towards becoming an AI-driven organization, the telco announced.

AI Integration in Telecom

e& UAE said the whitepaper highlights the integration of over 400 AI use cases and 160 machine learning (ML) models across the company’s operations.

Commenting on the release of the Whitepaper, Group Chief AI and Data Officer at e&, said: “This whitepaper demonstrates the thoughtful approach, guiding principles, and remarkable AI achievements within e& UAE over the years. Whether adopting AI to improve customer experiences, optimize operations, scale productivity, or reduce costs, we cannot underscore enough the significant impact AI has on the telecommunications sector and beyond.”

Practical Guidance for AI Adoption

e& UAE noted that the document offers a behind-the-scenes look at its proactive AI and data-driven adoption, including key enablers, use cases, and ethics. It also provides practical guidance and best practices for businesses initiating their AI journeys.

e& UAE said: “We’re well-versed in the advantages AI can bring to telcos, and our whitepaper leaves no stone unturned in showcasing how we leverage it to deliver more sustainable, efficient, and innovative operations.”

e& UAE’s AI Journey

As of 2024, e& UAE has accelerated its AI deployment to drive sustainability in resource allocation and energy efficiency and has developed AI processes for network optimization, the official release said.

e& UAE said it has deployed over 160 machine-learning models in various functions. The telco said it has seamlessly integrated AI and ML solutions into its Customer Value Management (CVM) models and also adopted technologies such as facial recognition, voice biometrics, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to ensure customer convenience and protection.

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