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Ericsson’s Cradlepoint set to enter Indian market commercially by 2024

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In Short:

Cradlepoint, a division of Ericsson, is trialing 5G enterprise solutions with Indian firms in manufacturing and mining. They plan to launch commercially in India this year. India is seen as a key market for 5G by Cradlepoint. They have a development center in India with 250 employees. There is potential for private 5G networks in industrial sectors like manufacturing and mining. Telcos like Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have already launched 5G services in India.

Cradlepoint, Ericsson division, conducting trials with Indian firms for 5G enterprise solutions

Cradlepoint, a division of Swedish telecom gear maker Ericsson, is currently engaging in trials with Indian companies in the manufacturing and mining sectors for the deployment of its 5G enterprise solutions. Asa Tamsons, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Enterprise Wireless Solutions at Cradlepoint, mentioned in an interview with ETTelecom that the firm plans to launch its services commercially in India this year.

Investment in Indian market

Asa Tamsons highlighted that India is a key market for Ericsson, with immense strategic importance. Cradlepoint, which offers cloud-managed 4G and 5G LTE solutions, has established a development center in the country with around 250 employees. The company now aims to enter the Indian market commercially due to the increasing adoption of 5G technology.

Focus on 5G private networks

Tamsons mentioned that Cradlepoint sees a significant potential in the 5G private networks space, especially in industries like manufacturing, mining, and healthcare. Emphasizing the need for the right ecosystem to drive 5G adoption, she stated that 5G is part of the overall digital transformation journey in various sectors.

Challenges and opportunities in the 5G market

While Indian telecom players like Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have already launched 5G services, the industry is facing challenges in monetization due to the lack of use cases. Globally, numerous telcos have launched commercial 5G services, with more commitments in the pipeline.

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