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Equinix signs solar PPA with Sembcorp for SG data centers

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In Short:

Equinix has signed agreements to buy renewable energy in Singapore from Sembcorp Power. They will get 75MWp from solar sources and 30MW from power generation for 18 years. This is Equinix’s first renewable energy deal in Singapore. The energy will come from Sembcorp’s solar assets. Equinix aims for 100 percent clean energy by 2030. The project will start in January 2027 and increase Sembcorp’s gas-fired power generation capacity.

Equinix Inks Solar PPA With Sembcorp for Singapore Data Centers
American colocation firm Equinix has signed Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to procure renewable energy in Singapore. This week, Sembcorp Industries announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sembcorp Power, has signed two long-term PPAs with Equinix’s subsidiaries for its data center portfolio in Singapore.

Renewable Energy Procurement

Under the PPAs, Sembcorp Power will supply a maximum capacity of 75MWp from its renewable energy (solar) portfolio and 30MW from its power generation portfolio to Equinix for up to 18 years. This marks Equinix’s first renewable energy PPA in Singapore, with the supply sourced from Sembcorp’s solar assets. Equinix currently operates five data centers (SG1, SG2, SG3, SG4, SG5) across Singapore.

Equinix-Sembcorp Partnership

Equinix stated, “Equinix made our commitment to 100 percent clean and renewable energy in 2015, and since then, we have been continuously exploring new opportunities to scale and improve the quality of those resources. Our recent PPA agreements in Singapore and Australia are significant steps toward our 2030 goal of 100 percent clean and renewable coverage globally.”

The long-term PPA, sourced from the Housing Development Board (HDB) SolarNova 7 program, will supply renewable energy from solar panels installed across 1,290 HDB blocks and 99 government sites, starting from January 1, 2027. Sembcorp mentioned it has a portfolio of 727MWp in Singapore, and this PPA with Equinix increases its long-term contracted capacity for gas-fired power generation in Singapore.

Sustainable Operations Commitment

With the addition of this new PPA in Singapore, Equinix has now executed a total of 22 PPAs globally. These agreements are expected to contribute over 3 million megawatt-hours (MWhs) of renewable energy annually to local grids across the US, Australia, France, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Singapore once operational.

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